Wilton Music Studios is more than just a place to take music lessons…

…it is a vibrant community of teachers, students and their families.


Our world class faculty is a collective of professional musicians who are also highly experienced and dedicated teachers — sensitive to the needs of each student because everyone learns differently. There is no one size fits all at WMS.

Learning the fundamentals of music such as tone, technique and efficient use of the body is the path to becoming an expressive and nuanced musician. Without a solid foundation, one doesn’t have the tools for expression, which is the ultimate goal — to communicate — whether you’re a school aged musician or an adult amateur. We teach students how to be their own best teacher. You only see us once a week, so learning how to practice and maximize your time is vital for continued momentum in between lessons.

Wilton Music Studios’ warm and inviting atmosphere creates an environment that is conducive to learning and creativity. We have a lovely waiting area for students, parents and siblings where everyone gets to know each other. A couple of students have said, “it’s just like a living room!” We also have a waiting area for younger students and siblings with books, blocks and crayons.

Recitals are held during the year and it is very moving to hear students mature musically from year to year as well as grow personally. It is our job to help each student realize their potential and to draw out their unique voice.

We teach students of all levels
beginners through professionals and young children through adults.
Winds • Strings • Piano • Harp


Meet The Director.

When I was in the the eighth grade I played Mozart’s Symphony #40 for the first time in my neighborhood middle school youth orchestra, and I felt an absolute thrill throughout my entire being. I went home and put on a record of the symphony (yes, I’m old enough for records) and just kept playing my part with the orchestra over and over. It was a very different feeling than I’d ever had practicing scales, etudes and vibrato alone in my room! All of a sudden, it all made sense to me. I didn’t know it then, but that was it. My fate was sealed. I became a professional musician and have never looked back.

I also love to teach. I love to draw music out of my students — even really young students — we play duets and experiment with different ways to interpret them. I try to create a sense of fun and experimentation as well as cracking the whip with fundamentals.

A few years ago, 4 of my students were auditioning for All State — they all had to play the same piece. Even though I teach each student differently, I still taught them all the same musical gestures appropriate for that piece, and I secretly worried that they all might sound the same. I had a pianist come in to accompany them so they understood the harmony — the context of the all notes they’d learned.  In spite of my concerns, they all sounded completely different! Their unique voices — who they were as individuals — shone through. Everyone brings the black dots on the page to life in different ways. That’s my favorite part.