Keith Torgan


“Children are naturally creative – they can’t help it. Give them a crayon and they’ll draw on everything. Give them a drum and they’ll drum till the cows come home. Give them a guitar and the possibilities are limitless. My approach to teaching music is to use all these ‘disciplines’ so that playing the guitar is a natural expression of a child’s innate creativity. Creativity isn’t the exclusive domain of the ‘talented’ – it’s essential to being alive – and learning to master an instrument must be a natural expression of that desire to create. I take a holistic approach to learning by harnessing a child’s natural enthusiasm.” KT


Keith Torgan is not only a guitar teacher, he’s a songwriter, actor, storyteller, comedian, and educator who has developed a holistic approach to teaching music. By harnessing a child’s natural enthusiasm he’s able to use all of the arts to help a student learn the basics and ultimately unlock their own creative self-expression so that not only can they play an instrument they can use it as a tool to communicate.


Torgan’s resume includes decades of performing his original stories and songs in hundreds of theaters, cabarets, universities, museums, schools, and libraries throughout the United States. As composer Keith created scores for The Tempest and Ring Round the Moon at the Williamstown Theater Festival, as a solo cabaret artist Torgan performed in such noted New York venues as The Knitting Factory. He was the founder and songwriter for “Morgan, Torgan & Teri;” guest performer and writer for BMG’s “Early Ears” series, and composer and lyricist for the Simply Elementary flagship program, “There’s Always a Dragon to Slay.” He has written a multitude of songs and is the author of all the Green Golly Project stories including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award/Family Choice Award Winning Green Golly & Her Golden Flute. He has taught and lead workshops at NYU, the College of St. Rose, the Boston Flute Academy, the San Francisco International Flute Festival as well as the China Conservatory of Music and in Beijing and the Northwest University for Nationalities and the Northwest Normal University in Lanzhou.